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Tree Trimming in the Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton Area

Keep Your Yard Beautiful & Safe

Trees both young and old need to be pruned for a number of reasons.  Pruning & trimming help to develop a strong structure and ensure healthy growth.  Older trees need to be pruned to remove dead or hazardous branches.  Proper grooming also makes your property more aesthetically pleasing and provides safety for your neighbors and family.  Big Mike’s provides all levels of pruning including Fine Pruning, Standard Pruning, Hazard Pruning and Crown Reduction.

"I needed three mature maple trees deeply pruned. I explained to Mike of my needs he responded by telling me he would like to stop by and look at my trees and provide an estimate. Mike wanted to do what is best for the health and longevity of my trees as opposed to just hacking away at them. Mike was upfront and let me know he (and the rest of the tree trimming world are extremely busy). We set a date and Mike held to his word. Mike and his crew arrived right on time. His crew was top notch. They set right to work did an amazing job. My trees look great and they did a fantastic job in caring for my property. I cant say enough great things about Mike and his crew. I highly recommend them."
- Christopher Hamm
Tree Trimming and Pruning Lehigh Valley PA

Professional Tree Trimming & Pruning in the Lehigh Valley

If you have trees, shrubs or bushes on your property, trimming and pruning are a necessary part of property maintenance. This upkeep may seem simple enough, but it’s more complicated than you would expect. You must know when, why and where to trim tree branches and shrubs. 

A little bit of trimming or pruning goes a long way in the life of your trees. It encourages new growth, enhances curb appeal, keeps trees in a desirable shape, and helps prevent problems like tree diseases and pest infestations. Trimming and pruning also ensure that your trees are structurally stable and can withstand severe weather conditions like wind, snow, ice and other environmental hazards.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

Big Mike’s Tree Service is committed to providing the best tree trimming and pruning services to residential and commercial property owners in Easton, PA and the surrounding areas of the Lehigh Valley. Our professional trimming and pruning services include:

Cleaning –  Removing dead or dying branches and limbs from your tree.

Thinning – Removing excess small branches to help increase wind circulation and give your tree a more aethetically pleasing appearance.

Shaping – Giving your tree a more desirable look by cutting back unwanted growth.

Raising – Getting rid of low-hanging branches to prevent your tree from interfering with vehicles and pedestrians and make mowing your lawn less of ‘headache’.

Reduction – Reducing the overall size of the tree to protect nearby homes, power lines and other trees.

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